FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I mail the check to?

Payable to: STS/ (Tournament Name)
Anthony Farace
6000 Cala Lily Street
Santee, CA 92071

2. How do I add/delete a player on my roster?  

Under the “Log-in” link, put your user name/ password you created when registering your team and go to “roster/add Player” link.

3. Do all players need to be present at the Team Check-In?

No, the coach or manager can check the team-in.

4. Does STS avoid multi-team coaching conflicts?

Yes, send an e-mail to anthony@stspecialists.com stating your team name, age, gender you are coaching.

5. Are all STS operated tournaments a “Stay & Play”?

Yes and no. Teams traveling must make every attempt to contact our Hotel Coordinator, THS Tournament Housing Services (Phone: 908-979-0928 / Website) to obtain hotel rooms for your team. THS will guarantee the lowest rates. If you have an issue or it effects your interest of entering, please contact anthony@stspecialists.com.

6. How many games are guaranteed?

Guaranteed a minimum of three games per team.

7. Are referee game costs included in the tournament registration fee?

Yes, you pay the advertised fee only per age group with no additional referee costs.

8. What awards are given to 1st & 2nd place finishers?

Winners get a medal per player and a team trophy. Finalists receive a medal for each player.

9. Does STS provide tournament pins to each participant?

Yes, each participant will receive a pin, given to coach & or manager at the team check-in.

10. How do I know if our team has been accepted into a tournament?

Once payment and your application is submitted online-you will get an e-mail stating your acceptance or rejection usually no later than 18 days prior to the tournament date.

11. Where and what info do I need to for team check-in?

First and foremost, complete your teams player roster at acceptance and make any roster updates up to 3 days prior to tournament date.

You will need to supply at Team Check -in All player cards preferably in alphabetical order to match the player roster online on your application.

Team Check-in will take place @ your first scheduled game field with the field marshal tent 45-60 minutes prior to kick off of your first scheduled game.

The tourament will provide each team with a printed game card/roster for you at check-in for each scheduled preliminary game.

12. I am interested in donating or becoming a sponsor and/or vendor for a tournament who do I contact?

Contact Anthony at anthony@stspecialists.com.

13. Do I need to bring alternate jerseys?

Yes, ALL teams need two sets of jerseys (each set needs to be a different color)

14. Can we bring our pets to the field?

All pets are strictly prohibited. Please do not bring your pets to the event, for the safe of your pet and our children.

15. I have questions that are not answered, who do I contact?

Please e-mail Anthony at anthony@stspecialists.com.