* Using existing laws of the game 2018

A minimum of three (3) players are needed, for all age groups, to avoid a forfeit.


Is mandatory and will take place 45-60 minutes prior to first scheduled game.

Age Groups

U7 Born in 2015
U8 Born in 2014
U9 Born in 2013
U10 Born in 2012
U11 Born in 2011
U12 Born in 2010
U13 Born in 2009
U14 Born in 2008
U15 Born in 2007

Ball Size Max.


Roster Size


**HOME TEAM PROVIDES GAME BALLS. First team listed on the schedule is the home team.

What Do The Winners Get?

-1st & 2nd Place Finishers will receive T-shirts


Roster changes must be made PRIOR to the team’s first scheduled game of the tournament. No player changes will be made due to an injury during tournament play. All players are required to have proof of age on hand. Each player will be checked at registration, but in case of an age-related challenge, teams may be disqualified if they are unable to provide the event director with proof of age. Acceptable form of proof of age are: Birth Certificates. Player’s birth date qualifies the player for the correct age division and the player’s skill level qualifies the player for the correct skills division.

Team Uniforms

-Game #’s on the back of the players Jerseys are NOT required.
-All players must wear the same color jerseys/shirts during play. Each team must bring both a light and dark colored jersey/shirt. If both teams are wearing the same color, the team designated as the visiting team will change their jersey. In playoffs, the higher seed will have the option.
-No jewelry will be allowed, including earrings of any type, rope necklaces, or bracelets. The only exception will be players wearing medical bracelets. 

Field Dimensions

The playing field will be a minimum of 20 yards wide and a maximum of 25 yards wide, with a minimum field length of 35 yards and a maximum length of 40 yards long.

The Goal SIZE

The Goal will be 3 ft tall by 6 ft Wide Estimated

The Goal Arc

The goal arc is located in front on each goal. No player from either team is allowed to touch the ball in the goal arc.


If a defending player makes contact with the ball in the goal arc a Penalty Free Kick will be awarded to the offensive team. Players may run through the arc so long as no contact is made within the goal box arc.
See Penalty Free Kick rule below for location of a penalty kick.


U6-U10 Boys & Girls Divisions will be take at the mid halfline corners of the field. Side to be selected by the player taking the kick.
U11-U15 Boys & Girls Divisions will be taken within the defensive corner flag area arc. Side to be selected by the player taking the kick.


If an attacking player makes contact with the ball within the goal arc the ball is awarded to the defending team as a goal kick. Players may pass through the goal arc as long as they don’t make contact with the ball.
If the ball comes to rest in the goal box, a goal kick is awarded, regardless of who touched the ball last.
**Any part of the ball or player’s body on the line is considered in the goal box and is an extension of such.

Tournament Equipment

All players must wear shin guards. Any player without shin guards will not be allowed to play. There will be NO exceptions. Cleats with metal spikes will NOT be allowed.

Duration of the Game

2 x 12 minute halves (Preliminary, Semi, and Finals) All age divisions including Playoffs.
Halftime will be 2 Minutes(This time maybe shortened by the Director)

Game Clock Format

The game shall consist of two twelve-minute halves, separated by a two-minute halftime period. Home team will determine direction and visiting team will kick off. Games tied after regulation play shall end in a tie, except in the playoffs.

If a team is not present five (5) minutes or by referees choice after the scheduled game time start, a 1-0 forfeit win will be recorded for the opposing team. Teams are responsible for waiting until the seed for playoffs has been determined. No timeouts in 4v4 soccer. Officials may stop the clock at their discretion. Tournament officials reserve the right to reduce, shorten, or reschedule games due to inclement weather or any other unforeseen circumstances.


Players may enter the field:
1. Any time on the fly at mid field with 5 ft of the mid-field marked line.
2. Opposite team do NOT have to wait for teams making substitutions to start or continuing play.


Any team forfeiting two consecutive games will be disqualified and removed from the tournament.

There Are No Offsides

In 4v4 Soccer 3 Yard Rule, in all dead ball situations, including kickoffs, defending players must stand at least 3 yards away from the ball. If the defensive player’s goal area is closer than 3 yards, the ball shall be placed 3 yards from the goal box arc area in line with the place of the penalty.


ball shall be kicked into play from the sideline instead of thrown in. The ball is considered in play when the ball is touched by a foot with a forward kicking motion. All dead ball kicks are considered direct kicks.

Goal Kicks

Goal kicks will be taken from anywhere inside the goal box arc.

Kick Off

The start of play will be from the midpoint on the centerline. The kick-off is a direct kick and may be taken in any direction.

Delay Of Game

Any player may be cautioned with a yellow card, if it is deemed by the referee that the player is intentionally wasting time (for example, a player intentionally kicks the ball long distances away from the playing field in order to waste time).

Cautioned Players (Yellow Card)

A player receiving two yellow cards in one game will result in a red card and will automatically miss the next game. If a player receives a Yellow card, that player has to exit the field and play short handed (minus a player with only 3 players on the field) for ONE MINUTE. All fouls and Red/Yellow cards are subject to further review and subsequent action as may be imposed by the Tournament Director.

3 Point System

Win:  3 points
Tie:    1 point
Loss: 0 points

Divisional Tie-breakers

When two teams are tied for one place in the preliminary games, the following criteria will be used to determine seeding for the playoffs:

1. Head-To-Head Competition (in the event of a tie among three or more teams, this criteria will not be
2. Most Wins
3. Least Goals Allowed
4. Goal differential
5. Penalty Kicks
* All ages Boys & Girls Divisions will be take at the mid halfline corners of the field. Side to be selected by the player taking the kick.

Sudden Death Overtime (playoffs only)

One Three minute sudden death overtime period will be played 2v2 . If still tied then, each team will remove one player and continue on with another 3 minute sudden death overtime 1v1. This will continue until a goal is scored.



Tournament Director


The referee has the authority to determine language which is offensive. The referee will have the authority to eject any offending player or an entire team. Any indication of such behavior by a player, coach, or parent will result in immediate removal from the tournament site. We are all here to play soccer and have fun.

Addressing the Officials

Verbal and/or physical abuse of any of the Tournament staff or officials may result in an ejection from the property and/or arrest. If abuse happens during a game, the official has the discretion to have your team lose by forfeit. Officials and players are to show respect for each other.

Repeated poor sportsmanlike conduct from officials or players will not be tolerated. Officials will be replaced and players will be ejected. Remember, these are games for all to enjoy.

Weather Related Issues 

The 4-For-All- 4v4 tournament reserves the right to modify, reschedule or cancel the tournament due to inclement weather. The Tournament Director has the right to move or reschedule any game, as well as the right to shorten game time.


This is a game. Remember to enjoy yourselves, and conduct yourselves in a manner that is respectful to others involved in this tournament. Refrain from foul language or be subject to ejection from the property.

Other Rules

1. Players are allowed to slide. 

2. If the defensive player hits the ball into the goal it’s considered advantage  and a ruled a goal for the offensive team.

New rule

Headers are allowed. All age groups may head the ball.

Refund Policy

**Weather or Game Forfeit Refund Policy – 

-Team that have played 2 games out of 3 games guaranteed, receive 15% of entry fee paid.
-Team that have played 1 games out of 3 games guaranteed, receive 40% of entry fee paid.
-Team that have played 0 games out of 3 games guaranteed, receive 70% of entry fee paid.

**Team Canceling their application Refund Policy –

-Pre-Entry Deadline Cancelation , FULL REFUND.
-Post-Entry Deadline Cancelation, 
         *21-30 Days prior to the event date 50% REFUND
         *14-20 Days prior to the event date 25% REFUND
          *1- 13 Days prior to the event date NO REFUND